Interested in following the specification and contributing?

Changes to the specification can be tracked at

Domain connect templates can also be tracked at

Interested in getting involved with the community?

We have a Slack channel at

Interested in supporting Domain Connect as a DNS Provider?

There is code to get started in github at

Interested in supporting Domain Connect as a Service Provider?

Again, we’ve got you covered.  Start with the example service at The source code for this is at

From there you can use the library at

You’ll also need to define your service template. Examples can be found at

Still need help?

Join our Slack Workspace above and ask your questions in the #general channel. We are a group of individuals from multiple companies representing Service Providers and DNS Providers that have been instrumental in defining and shepherding the specification.

The community will help you with your implementation, but to get going…

As a DNS Provider we recommend that you start by implementing the synchronous protocol, using the example service to test your implementation. Once this is working, implement the asynchronous protocol.

As a Service Provider, you’ll need to start with a template that defines your service. You can then implement the protocol on your application using the example service code as a starting point. Then you’ll need to work with the DNS Providers to on board your template.

Again, the community can help you with this process. We won’t bite.