Example Service

To aid developers in seeing how to use Domain Connect, we’ve built a simple example hosting service. This can be used by DNS Providers to test their implementation of Domain Connect, or by Service Providers to see how to implement Domain Connect.

You can visit this hosting service at http://exampleservice.domainconnect.org

The source code for this application can be found at https://github.com/Domain-Connect/python-dc-statelesshosting

This application is a simple Python Bottle application. It implements both the synchronous (with and without a signature) and asynchronous protocols using OAuth.

The application implements a fictitious hosting company called “Stateless Hosting”. ┬áThe “consumer” enters their domain name and the text they want displayed on their website. Using Domain Connect, DNS is configured with the proper IP address for the apex A record. The message is also cleverly stored in DNS in a TXT record. Yes, we are using DNS as a distributed database and we don’t necessarily advocate this in real practice.

This application was initially written as part of a hackathon at World Hosting Days, and improved over time.

The templates used by this application can be found at:


and at